Character Portraits #1 and #2

Akaya Portrait Nilai Portrait

Here are the more “finished” portraits I have been doing for a fellow blogger. Definitely not in a style I am used to, but I am proud I tried!


12 thoughts on “Character Portraits #1 and #2

      1. jofox2108

        Were they drawn digitally? I love the gentle, subtle line work. I don’t want to bug you, but I would love to know your process for creating these if you have the time to explain. 🙂

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      2. ReyShelley Post author

        Yes ma’am! They were painted in Corel Painter X3. I just paint as I would traditionally: start with a sketch/under-painting, block in planes, then continue rendering from there. I have been thinking about doing speed-painting videos for sometime now! Thanks for asking! I never really explained or documented my process prior because, I did not think people were interested! Also, I feel as soon as “digital” or “digital painting” is mentioned, people seem to loose interest (in my experience of course)!

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