Sketches of the Day

maneq skech 1 maneq. skecth 2 maneq. sketch 3

Taking a breather from other projects. You can never do enough figure drawing!


7 thoughts on “Sketches of the Day

  1. Scribble Fiend

    Very nice – do you go to actual sessions? I feel I should start doing that if I really want to improve, but I still feel so inadequate that I keep thinking I need to get better before I can actually go to some!

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    1. ReyShelley Post author

      Thank you! Not as of lately. Since I moved, there has not been any options available (none that are consistent/flexible or affordable) in the area. There are some figure drawing sites that have a library of reference images (some free and some not of course). I find those to be most helpful. That, and books of course (the ones with just photos)! Aw, don’t be so hard on yourself. I mean, you go there to improve, so there is no shame showing up with some flaws! No one is going to care, and if they do, so what? In my experience, it really never mattered who was more technically skilled or not, so don’t worry! ๐Ÿ™‚



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